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Use E’langa app for charging, and check the Station ID.

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Please Note:

Opening an account incurs a $1 reversible fee.

Charging sessions are recorded, and invoices are settled daily.

Debit balances must be settled afterward.

Instructions for non-app users are provided above the charging point, along with the Charging Point ID.

For Apple iPhones, select the App Store button; for Android phones, select Google Play.

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Find An Available Charging Station Near You With Our App

Download Elanga App to Find Nearby Charging Stations:

  • Load the app and select “Profile” at the bottom-right corner.
  • Choose “Start Charging” on the next page.
  • Select “Register” and fill in your details.
  • Complete registration and proceed to set a password from the email that is sent to your account.

Return to the app, select “Profile,” then “Log in” using your email and password.

Note: Verify your account via email before activation; unpaid fees will result in temporary deactivation.


IMPORTANT: Please take every precaution when working with or near the electric vehicle (EV) charger and all related infrastructure within five (5) meters around it, in particular:

  • Water puddles which may cause slipping, or electrical shock (if that water is invisibly in contact with voltage sources greater than 50V, AC or DC).
  • EV charging cables coming from the charger that unavoidably use space on the ground, that could be a tripping hazard if unnoticed.
  • Collision protection such as bollards, wheel-stop barriers, and bar barriers, that could be a tripping or collision hazard.
  • The EV charger itself including anything fastened to it, that could be a collision hazard.
  • Electric utility power supply cables – normally not visible but could become visible by virtue of prior damaging actions, that could be an electrical shock or tripping hazard.

E’langa (Pty)Ltd and the site owners have taken every precaution to mitigate the possibility of these potential injuries and any others, and so indemnify themselves against any injuries related to the use of electric vehicle chargers, their cables, their electric power, water puddles, and any other peripherals such as bollards, wheel-stops, protection barriers, and anything fastened to the charger itself.