Use the E’langa app to charge. Remember to check the Station ID.


Hello, and welcome to E’langa! We hope that your experience with us today is a good one!

Please Note:

You will be charged a $5 fee to open the account.

All charging sessions will be recorded on your account, and we will email your invoice to you once a month. If in debit you will be asked to settle the balance. This is an after-pay facility.

If you don’t have our app, the instructions below will get you charging and on your way without delay. Please take note of the Charging Point ID shown above the charging point (charging socket).

  • If you have an Apple iPhone, select the App Store button below.
  • If you have an Android-based phone, select the Google Play button below.

Your phone will immediately re direct you to the apps download facility.

When the App is loaded …

  • Select the bottom-right-side button called “Profile”.
  • On the page that loads, select “Start Charging” block.
  • After that, on the page that loads, select “Register”.
  • Fill in all your details, select “Register”.
  • At the “Thank you for registering … ” page, you will be re directed to make a $5 payment, to activate your account.
  • Check your emails for the confirmation email, and confirm with the link.
  • Go back to the app, select “Profile”
  • Then select “Log in”, and use your email address and password to log in.

Note: User account must be verified by responding to the verification email, before account activation. If the $5 is not paid, the account will be temporarily deactivated.

Alternatively, you can register with E’langa without a phone. Browse to:
You will be guided by this website.

IMPORTANT: Please take every precaution when working with or near the electric vehicle (EV) charger and all related infrastructure within five (5) meters around it, in particular:

  • Water puddles which may cause slipping, or electrical shock (if that water is invisibly in contact with voltage sources greater than 50V, AC or DC).
  • EV charging cables coming from the charger that unavoidably use space on the ground, that could be a tripping hazard if unnoticed.
  • Collision protection such as bollards, wheel-stop barriers, and bar barriers, that could be a tripping or collision hazard.
  • The EV charger itself including anything fastened to it, that could be a collision hazard.
  • Electric utility power supply cables – normally not visible but could become visible by virtue of prior damaging actions, that could be an electrical shock or tripping hazard.

E’langa (Pty)Ltd and the site owners have taken every precaution to mitigate the possibility of these potential injuries and any others, and so indemnify themselves against any injuries related to the use of electric vehicle chargers, their cables, their electric power, water puddles, and any other peripherals such as bollards, wheel-stops, protection barriers, and anything fastened to the charger itself. .