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Public Car Chargers

Planning a long road trip and worried about your electronic vehicle running out of battery? EV vehicles and smart car charging stations are the future of transportation, and Elanga is helping to lead the way. We offer local electric car charging stations throughout Queensland, typically using both AC and DC charging. Simply use RFID or scan the QR code to initiate a charge. Learn more about EV charging in Australia and browse our product range below.

The Benefits of Public Car Charging Systems

Charge your Electric Vehicle on the Go

As electronic vehicles have become more commonly used throughout Australia, commercial car charging stations have become more readily available, and Elanga is helping to speed this process along. It’s now easier than ever to charge your vehicle on the go, whether you’re planning a long drive or heading out on your work commute. Elanga’s smart car charging stations are easy for EV holders to use and are suitable for a range of car models, so you won’t ever have to deal with range anxiety again.

Smart & Eco-Friendly Cities

Commercial car charging stations are shaping smart cities. With more EV vehicles on the road and greater access to charging stations, Queensland has become greener, smarter and more efficient. Elanga’s public charging solutions are helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy around the country, making Australia a world-leader in clean and renewable energy.

Get in Touch With Elanga for Innovative Charging Solutions

We offer project management and consulting services on every aspect of EV charging in Australia. We are constantly developing and innovating new charging solutions for the Australian public. Get in touch with the Elanga to learn more about our smart car charging stations, and let’s work together to re-energise the future.