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Adaptive Load Management

Implementing an efficient energy management system is important for any business involved with electrical vehicle charging. Here at Elanga, we are proud to offer Adaptive Load Management solutions—an intuitive energy management system designed to optimise the power of an entire building.

Unlike Dynamic Load Management, the power demanded by the building is measured in real-time. This means the EV charger group power limit is increased or decreased so that as much remaining power as possible can go to the EV chargers, at any given time. By combining real-time monitoring, connectivity, and real-time EV power, ALM ensures that a building’s electricity is optimised to the highest degree, without ever exceeding capacity.

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ALM simplified diagram showing two different scenarios

How Does ALM Work?

Like DLM, the concept of ALM is simple. With Adaptive Load Management, an extra power meter is installed at the site supply upstream of the building electrical loads. This power reading of the building’s loads is sent to the backend via GSM cloud services.

The ALM service then adjusts the charger group power limit based on what’s left over from the building’s power usage. When power demand from the building is low, our backend will know about it and then change (increase in this case) the charger group power limit. This means much more power can be made available to the EV charging group. When building power demand increases, the charger group limit lowers – and so on.

The Benefits of ALM Charging Solutions

ALM charging solutions offer the same limitations as DLM, such as a minimum current and offline charging points. However, ALM also offers unique benefits that take DLM to new heights.

Better Optimisation

Where Dynamic Load Management falls short regarding the static charger group limit, ALM can be applied to overcome this and get significantly better optimisation. Electric vehicle holders can be confident that they are always getting optimal charging.

Reduced Costs

Intuitive energy management systems such as ALM can result in significant cost savings for businesses. ALM ensures that a building’s electricity never goes over capacity, which saves costs on peak demand charges. Since ALM is designed for better optimisation, it also means business will save on electrical upgrades.

Contact Elanga for ALM Charging Solutions

Electrical vehicles are the future of transportation and Elanga’s energy management systems are helping to pave the way. Our ALM pricing includes a fee per month, per building energy meter. To learn more about our ALM solutions, get in touch with the team at Elanga today.