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We specialize in providing innovative solutions that enable EV drivers to charge their vehicles quickly and reliably. Our solutions take into account the unique needs of different EV users, such as businesses, fleets, and individual drivers.

Professional Charging Solutions

Our EV charging station infrastructure uptime > 95%
Our Backend Management Software integrates with more than 400 EV chargers

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We can assist you as owner of a single unit or become the next biggest EV infrastructure owner

Professional Electric Vehicle Charging Solution For You

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Professional Charging Solutions

We provide products and solutions for:

EV Charging

Billing, Statistics, KPI, Energy Usage, Green Energy Certification and Load Management, App development.

Our Network

Elanga developed, manage and operate full EV charging infrastructure (Electrical, Civil, Structural) currently employed in many centres

Charge Points

Elanga has full roaming capabilities, one of the most comprehensive backend software. And can assist you to be come a CPO

Electric Driving

Elanga will assist you with your own branded app to develop the most comprehensive EV infrastructure ownership model

Elanga App

We can assist you in implementing your branded App

With our app, you can easily find charging stations wherever you are. Download the app today from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start charging your vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charging Services We Offer

Elanga is a smart EV charger systems provider in Australia for residential and commercial customers. We offer a complete range of electrical vehicle charging solutions and can tailor our services and billing options to suit your needs.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an EV charging station Charge Point Owner/Operator to generate revenue or simply want to offer this service to your customers, we have you covered. Our team will handle the design, development, supply, and implementation of the charging station on your behalf. Additionally, we can create your own branded mobile app with built-in billing capabilities.

Residential EV Charging

Elanga are leaders in domestic EV charger installation and maintenance. We can recommend the best EV charging solutions for your budget and requirements, so you eliminate any wastage and don’t pay for what you don’t need. Our team can also advise on low off-peak prices and smart charging programs for your home set-up.

Workplace EV Charging

Workplace EV chargers are becoming more commonplace and help to look after the needs of employees. They also help to keep current customers happy, attract new customers, increase your property value and give your business a greener image. One of our experts can inspect your site and advise on the best EV chargers for your planned usage.

Ev Charging
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Public EV Charging

As more people switch to electric vehicles, public charging stations are becoming more in-demand. By offering this service, you can keep customers spending extra money with you while they wait for their vehicle to charge. Enhance the customer experience further by adding your own mobile branded app with complete billing functionality. Contact one of our team, who can visit your site to perform a free inspection and advise on the best EV solution for your needs.

Fleet EV Charging

We provide complete fleet EV charging solutions for cars, trucks, and buses that can be tailored to individual requirements. Whether you have 2 vehicles or 100, our EV experts can install the best EV chargers and software to keep all your vehicles safe and operational. Additionally, enhance your fleet management capabilities by adding your own mobile branded app with complete billing functionality.

Apartment EV Charging

We offer apartment EV charging solutions across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and Australia. Our team can design and install an EV charger system for a small or large strata building that accommodates any number of vehicles. With more and more Australians opting to live in apartments, there’s never been a better time to explore EV charger solutions for your building. Additionally, you can enhance the convenience for your residents or guests by adding your own mobile branded app with complete billing functionality, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all EV users.

Shopping Centre EV Charging

Elanga can install EV chargers for any sized shopping centre. There are many benefits to having EV charger points at shopping malls, including enhancing shopper experience, drawing in more shoppers and profits, keeping shoppers onsite longer spending more and adding a new income stream to the commercial space.

EV Software Solutions

Enjoy a range of smart EV charger software tools for energy management, charger station control and monitoring, accurate billing, optimisation, payment solutions and more. The Elanga team is always on hand to assist you in using this software during and after installation. Additionally, if you wish to further customise your EV charging experience, we can develop/supply a CPO (Charge Point Operator/Owner) own branded app. All our EV hardware and software are tailored to the needs of Australian drivers and local and national requirements.

Ev Software Solutions