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New South Wales Subsidy Program

ELANGA (Pty) Ltd is an approved supplier for NSW

Once you received the quote please use the link to submit the quote:


The grants will fund the following for up to 4 EV chargers per site:

    • 75% towards the cost of an eligible 7 kW and/or 22 kW electric vehicle charger(s).
    • 75% towards the cost of installation (capped at $1,000 per charger).
    • 50% towards a 2-year EV charger software subscription from the EV charger software list.

To be eligible, you must be:

*Please note that the links point to external sites – links can change from time to time, kindly notify us at if you experience any issues.

Additional eligibility requirements for each site apply and more details are outlined in the guidelines. Please read the full EV destination charging grants guidelines to understand the eligibility requirements and how they relate to your business.

To help prepare your application, make sure you refer to the guidelines, which provide essential information, including:

    • eligibility and application requirements
    • application process and assessment
    • what the grants will and will not co-fund
    • EV charger installation and software
    • evidence requirements
    • receiving co-funding payment.

These guidelines are relevant for round one, which is open for applications.

Guidelines, including eligibility criteria, may be updated for future funding rounds.



Elanga is helping build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network that will usher Australia toward the future of transportation. From home and public electric vehicle charging stations to solar panels from some of the world’s leading brands in sustainable innovation, we’re setting the stage for an Australia that drives more with less.

Learn more about Elanga’s leading electric car charging solutions below and explore the charging systems that will keep you fully charged and on the road.

Quality EV Charging Solutions

End to End

Elanga goes through a 7 layer system development life cycle for our charging infrastructure. We enable users/partners to transform a newly-developed project into an operational one.

Unique Concept

We provide physical designs using comprehensive Documentation and Augmented Reality. Cloud-based, secure, smart backend software allows mixing and matching of hardware and software.

Modular Design

Our systems are modular, scalable and future proof. Different features work separately or seamlessly together and adapt to all business models.

Charge Your EV Vehicle at Home, at the Office or on the Go

Elanga’s range of car charging solutions are thoughtfully designed for any situation, whether you’re at at home, at the office or on the road. We offer an exciting selection of public, home and office car chargers that will give your electric vehicle the power it needs in less time. Our smart charging solutions are helping to improve workplace productivity & efficency, create smarter & greener cities, and bring more convenience to the everyday life of EV holders.

Our electronic car charging stations are simple and easy to use, and are suitable for a wide range of EV models. Browse our full product range of EV charging solutions to find an EV charger for your needs.

Solar Panel Installation

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, the demand for solar panel installation is a greater than ever. Solar panels are the future of electric vehicle charging. Solar panel electric vehicle charging will not only reduce your carbon footprint dramatically, but increase your property value.

Elanga follows a holistic energy approach to solar installation. Our solar panel services include energy logging, solar consulting, fast installation, and maintenance. Let’s guide you through the green energy revolution today!


Elanga Management

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  • Trevor has an in dept knowledge of system engineering requirements for EV charging stations integrated into cloud based backends…developed using AR applications in EV system design….

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