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Elanga is an Electric Vehicle Charging solution-driven company for Entrepreneurs, Government, Property Owners, Local Authorities, Fleet Owners, Transportation, Banks, etc. Elanga provides charging stations for the electric vehicle market. Whether you are an electrical vehicle owner or a savvy entrepreneur wanting to cash in on the electric vehicle market, Elanga will have a solution for you.

Elanga offers project management and consulting services on all aspects of electric vehicle charging. Elanga is continuously developing specifications and systems according to the International Standards of Electric Vehicle Hardware, Software, and Transmission Protocol.

With more than 5000 telecommunication base stations implemented Elanga has the ability to allow for total quality assurance/control.


“A culture of creativity and innovation makes us E’langa
We have this intense drive to continuously test and out perform our self, creating a future from where we came, where everyone maters with constant learning, a fearless approach and a huge appetite to win.

With 25 years of Telecom experience in Site Acquisition, Technical Site Survey, Civil, Structural, Electrical and Computer based hardware and software Elanga is the one place where you can achieve full service support.”


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E Comerse
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A micro processor hardware design engineer who was involved in the development of the first VME buss based system; lodged various patents and realizes business opportunities in the implementation of technology.
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Brendan is a dedicated, determined and ambitious individual who understand the nature of merging the commercial and technological requirements of E Mobility….

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Trevor has an in dept knowledge of system engineering requirements for EV charging stations integrated into cloud based backends…developed using AR applications in EV system design….

Trevor Ashdown - Electrical System Engineer

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