Commercial, Retail & Shopping Centres EV Charging Solutions By Elanga

Elanga extends its expertise to hotels, shopping centres and retail locations across Australia, providing a complete range of EV charging solutions. We are dedicated to delivering the best EV chargers and installations at your convenience, minimising disruption to your business. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to enhancing your EV charging experience, we can establish and supply your own branded mobile app, offering a seamless and tailored solution for your customers.

Commercial EV Charging Specialists

With many years of experience in the electrical charging industry, we are your trusted commercial EV charging specialists. Our skilled team can install EV chargers that accommodate any EV model. We handle installation, earthworks, testing, and provide ongoing support as you adapt to your new system.

Elanga makes the transition to EV charging effortless. We offer a range of EV chargers and solutions tailored to diverse business needs and budgets. Our experts can guide you through the planning, design, and installation of your retail and shopping centre charging network.

Our EV chargers come equipped with inbuilt screens to display charging status in real-time. You can control your charging network and stay informed through a user-friendly mobile app and smart software. Plus, it provides valuable insights on optimising vehicle uptime while minimising energy costs.

Position Your Shopping Centre As A Sustainability Leader

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, future-proof your shopping centre or retail business by offering EV chargers for your customers and staff. Workplace EV charging is incredibly convenient and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, positioning your establishment as a leader in environmental responsibility. Moreover, you can take it a step further and become your own branded CPO with your own branded mobile app. Environmental consciousness is increasingly important to employees and the public. Displaying a green commitment sends a clear message about where your business stands and that you care about the planet’s future.

Benefits Of EV Charging Points For Your Business

Hospitality, retail and shopping centre EV charging stations bring numerous benefits:

Businesses Suited To EV Charging

Many retail, hospitality and commercial businesses are well-suited to having EV chargers on their premises, including but not limited to the following:

Developing an EV Charging Business Model - Elanga

Ready To Transform Your Business?

Elevate your retail or shopping centre with Elanga’s EV charging solutions. Attract and retain customers while demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable future. Get in touch with Elanga today to discuss how our retail and shopping centre EV charging solutions can benefit your business and patrons.