Apartment EV Charging Solutions By Elanga

Elanga offers comprehensive apartment EV charging solutions throughout Australia. Whether you’re seeking EV charging solutions for an existing strata building or planning to build one, we’re here to assist.

Our team specialises in designing and engineering EV charging infrastructure that caters to single or multiple vehicles. You won’t need costly electrical upgrades in your apartment building as multiple chargers can be efficiently monitored and managed using our smart load management and billing software.

Benefits Of Apartment EV Charging

EV charging stations are not just practical; they’re also cost-effective solutions for apartment owners and tenants. They can be installed in shared or personal parking areas such as garages and apartment grounds. Here are some of the many benefits of having EV chargers installed:

Tailored EV Charging Solutions

At Elanga, we install apartment EV charging solutions that align with your unique needs and budget. Choose shared EV charging in communal bays if you have a few tenants who need EV charging but want the flexibility to accommodate more in the future. Alternatively, opt for private EV chargers that seamlessly integrate into complex, shared electrical networks commonly found in apartment buildings. Our software enables tenants to charge their vehicles and pay the building owner for electricity usage with ease.

Ready To Transform Your Property?

Elevate your apartment building with Elanga’s apartment EV charging solutions. Increase property value, attract new residents, and collect additional revenue while contributing to a greener world.

Get in touch with Elanga today to discuss how our apartment EV charging solutions can benefit your property and its occupants.