Three Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Work

Workplace Vehicle Charging Dock

The world is in a constant state of evolution, and here in Australia, companies are leading the charge to a greener future. If you’re a business owner, you have the chance to take steps toward a more sustainable world by installing vehicle charging docks.

Whether they’re for your employees, your in-house fleet, or the EV owners visiting your premises, there are many benefits to installing electric vehicle chargers for work at your workplace. Discover them below!

Makes a Statement About Your Company’s Values

First and foremost, investing the time and money into a charger installation makes a strong statement about your company’s values. To your customers, this elevates your company’s status and demonstrates that you consider your impact on the world.

In fact, many modern consumers make a point of frequenting companies that demonstrate sustainability efforts. Forbes found that 88% of consumers in the US and UK wanted to support these brands to support these brands so that they as individuals can indirectly make an ecological difference. Installing vehicle chargers places your organisation squarely in the sustainability camp.

Contribute to a Better Environment

The most striking benefit of installing electric vehicle chargers is, of course, their contribution to a better environment. Electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and electric car chargers in Australia will push the accessibility and popularity of electric vehicles even further.

This is especially beneficial if you encourage your employees to transition to EV ownership. The more electric vehicles on the road, the fewer gasoline cars there will be, and the better for our Earth’s biosphere in the long-term.

Cost-Efficient EV Fleets

Finally, having the right infrastructure to support EVs opens the door to a new evolution for your company. If you’re the kind of business that relies on employees having reliable transportation, you most likely have an established car fleet.

With EV chargers installed, you can start the transition from a gasoline fleet to an electric-powered one. Not only will this contribute to the environment, but it will also significantly reduce maintenance costs. Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered cars, so they’re generally cheaper to repair and maintain. In fact, a 2020 Consumer Reports survey states that consumers pay half as much to maintain and repair EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Get in touch with the team at Elanga about installing workplace EV chargers.

It is thanks to these benefits and many others that more and more Australian companies are installing charging stations. Be a part of the change and see the benefits your business will reap! Become a charge point owner and operator to expand your electric charging capabilities. We’re Australia’s experts in electric vehicle chargers for home and work, offering an easy and professional avenue for charging point selection and installation. Talk to one of our friendly team members today about how you can start being a part of the solution.

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