The Growth of EV Charging Stations in Commercial Spaces


Commercial business owners have quickly integrated car charging systems into their businesses, but why? They have recognised that the EV infrastructure is rapidly improving and growing, providing several benefits to businesses. We look at the growth of EV commercial charging stations to understand why electric car charging solutions are here to stay.

Why are EV vehicles so popular?

To understand the growth and expansion of electric car charging solutions in Australia and the rest of the globe, we must understand why they’re popular in the first place.


Aside from being cleaner and quieter vehicles to run, EVs are significantly cheaper to drive and maintain. An EV can save you up to 70% on fuel usage and 40% on maintenance costs.

Expanded model options

Major car manufacturers in Australia have vowed to reduce petrol and diesel cars, shifting more toward hybrid plug-ins. Australians can now choose between 45 different electric vehicles, with the Tesla Model 3 being the most popular.

Environmentally friendly

In Australia, the transport sector accounts for almost 20% of the total emissions. Battery-operated EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing air pollution.

Excellent driver experience

EVs are generally easy to operate and offer a low-effort driving experience. They feature modern amenities and improved technical performance compared to internal combustion engine cars. Now, EV drivers can travel at least 400km on a single charge.

More EVs mean more demand for public charging stations

With rising fuel prices and the production of modern electric vehicles, it’s easy to see why more and more Aussies are switching to an EV. According to the latest EY 2022 Mobility Consumer Index, 38% of Australians plan to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. We can attribute this popularity to the increased number of EV models that meet people’s daily travel needs. The average Australian drives around 40km daily, and most EVs can easily take on 200km.

The Electric Vehicle Council supports this trend by reporting that Australians purchased 20,665 electric vehicles in 2021, compared to 6900 in 2020. They also state a 15% increase in the number of charging stations around Australia. These stats prove that the commercial sector sees many economic benefits from installing EV charging stations.

Increased property value and new sources of revenue, rebates, and other environmental incentives are just a few of these benefits. As the EV market grows and the support expands, entrepreneurs tapping into new markets can grow their business with commercial EV charging.

EV charging solutions for various commercial applications

With the rising need for public car chargers, entrepreneurs, building owners, and property managers must accommodate the needs of EV drivers. Here are the businesses that can take advantage of public charging stations:


Workplace charging stations attract EV drivers and help retain employees. Commercial EV stations also help improve companies’ sustainability goals and business targets.

Business districts & shopping centres

When EV drivers are not at home or the office, they’re often out and about at shopping centres. EV owners prefer establishments where they can conveniently charge their cars while out and about. Malls, restaurants, and business districts can install commercial EV charging stations to attract customers and shoppers while increasing foot traffic and sales.

Service locations

Hospitals and universities are often working toward sustainability goals. An EV charging station can significantly impact the industries’ workforce and attract more talent by adding value to their work setting.

Multifamily living spaces

Not all EV owners live in single-unit homes. Apartment buildings, condominiums, and other multifamily buildings can solve the problem by giving prospective residents access to vehicle charging stations.

Electric cars are stars

Australian consumers are growing confident in EV technology. The rise of purchased EVs provides many opportunities for commercial businesses. As the transition to electric cars accelerates and sales continue to grow, more and more companies will adopt EV charging stations. These stations will generate revenue and improve levels of mobility in the country.

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