Understanding EV Range Anxiety and How to Combat it

Understanding EV Range Anxiety and How to Combat it - Elanga

Have you ever left for work only to realise your phone battery is on its last legs with no charger in sight? If you’re an EV driver, you’ve likely experienced something similar called EV range anxiety. Range anxiety is the fear of running out of battery while driving and not finding a charging point; it’s one of the biggest hurdles in reaching widespread EV adoption. To help you hit the road worry-free, read on to discover how to combat it.

How to Combat Range Anxiety

Demand More Public Charging Infrastructure

A lack of EV car charging station infrastructure is routinely cited as the primary concern for those interested in buying an EV. While we have seen a massive uptick in the availability of charging stations across Australia in recent years, they are still few and far between compared to your regular gas stations. We need widespread access to public charging stations for drivers to feel secure in their EV range.

Choose the Right EV

Not all electric vehicles have equal charging capabilities. Choosing an electric vehicle with a suitable range for your needs is essential. While some higher-end EVs are now more than worthy road trip companions, many models still have a battery capacity better suited to daily commutes.

Get a Home Charger

A dedicated home car charging point for your EV means you can plug it in overnight and have a full charge by the morning. While home chargers are an investment upfront, the long-term savings make it well worth it. Plus, you’ll eliminate the need to frantically look for a charging station during your morning commutes.

Use Apps to Track Charging Stations

There are countless apps available in Australia, such as Plugshare, that every EV owner should have on their phone. Apps like Plugshare make it easy for EV owners to find publicly available charging stations across the country. If you ever find yourself getting a little low on charge, these apps make it quick and easy to find somewhere to charge up. Knowing where you can find the closest charging station will give you the peace of mind you need.

Ease Up on the Accelerator

For those heavy-footed drivers, consider easing up on the accelerator. In the same way driving fast burns petrol, speeding in an EV will drain your battery faster than usual. Aside from being much safer, going easy on the accelerator will also extend your range. When it comes to EV range anxiety, all the little things you do while driving makes the difference!

Driving the Future of EVs Forward

As far as EV range anxiety goes, there are many exciting innovations on the horizon, and Elanga is at the forefront. In addition to the base level range increasing across the board, Elanga is working hard to make charging stations more accessible for homes, businesses, and the public. Browse our range of innovative charging products online, and get in touch to discover the future of EVs in Australia with Elanga.

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