Developing an EV Charging Business Model

Developing an EV Charging Business Model - Elanga

The number of electric vehicle users is consistently rising in Australia and around the world. As such, the need for electric car charging solutions has also increased. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’ll quickly learn that there’s indeed value in EV infrastructure. If you’re looking to start an EV charging station business, you’ll need to develop a well-thought-out business model to meet your goals. We explore the different business models for EV charging below.

A business model for profitability

The most common nature of starting a business is to make a profit. Small and local businesses can see whether there’s interest or a real need for electric vehicle charging stations in the area. Small business owners can also look for areas where there’s a high number of EV users but only limited options to charge. As a charging station operator, you can charge a higher usage fee for services, such as rapid EV charging stations, and offer easy payment options to EV users to add to their convenience.

A business model for attracting real estate investments

There’s an opportunity for commercial property owners, apartment complexes, retail store owners, and hospitality establishments to attract people to their area and invest in real estate when there are EV charging stations available. People will be happy to have the amenity, even if they have to pay for it because convenience and accessibility are what they always seek. Plus, it’s easy to add EV charging as a service to your existing business. Elanga’s EV charging management platform allows businesses to own a smart charging network to service EV drivers. Even when they don’t own the stations, there are station management tools that can be delegated to appointed persons so that owners don’t have to manage the stations themselves.

A business model for attracting tenants

Additionally, EV charging stations can also attract tenants to multi-unit complexes. Property managers can attract positive attention and EV drivers to their space because the EV market will continue to rise in the following years. Property owners can offer EV charging services for free or at a discounted price to attract people to the property.

A business model for promoting sustainability

While profitability is the main driver for installing EV charging stations, your business model isn’t limited to just aiming for a direct ROI. EV charging stations can also pave the way for you to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and show support to EV drivers. Businesses can initiate marketing campaigns that show how their company is actively advocating for renewable energy sources. They also need to accompany these efforts with action and invest in EV charging stations to promote sustainability.

How Elanga can help your business

Whether you want to make a profit or promote your brand as an eco-friendly company, Elanga can help your business model succeed through the following:

Easy payment options

Elanga offers various payment methods so customers can charge their EVs minus the hassle of limited payment options. We offer Elanga-issued cards or existing RFID cards to make payments. Your customers can also use their credit cards and be informed of the price before any charges are made. With Elanga, anyone can use electric vehicle chargers, including non-customers.

Fast EV charging solutions for all business models

Elanga prioritises convenience. When you partner with Elanga, your customers can charge their electric cars and power them up quickly. Elanga offers fast-charging stations, cutting down your charging times so you can spend time efficiently and productively.

Offer DLM and ALM to help operators manage their power supply

Implementing efficient energy management systems is crucial for businesses involved in electric vehicle charging. We are proud to offer ALM solutions designed to optimise the power of an entire building and DLM solutions to ensure enough power will be available at the building complex.

If you’re interested to learn more about our services and how EV charging stations can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

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