Electric Vehicle Sales Continue to Surge in Global Markets, Despite Covid-19

Global EV Sales Surge Despite Covid-19 - Elanga

While traditional car sales plummeted in 2020, the demand for electric vehicles reached a record high, with no signs of slowing down yet. But what are the reasons for this surge? We explore the global EV sales boom and discuss the growing attraction towards electric vehicles.

Europe EV sales hit record high in 2020

Europe had an unprecedented year in EV registrations in 2020, overtaking China for the first time. Electric vehicle sales were highest in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. After more than doubling in EV sales in 2020, Europe is now the largest market for electric vehicles.

But it’s not just Europe that’s seen an increase in EV registrations. The EV sales boom is happening all over the world. The United States and Canada both saw an increase in EV registrations in 2020, and Australia is also seeing a surge in electric vehicle use. We are seeing more and more EV charging stations popping up around the country to meet the demands of new EV holders.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla is the most popular electric vehicle sold globally. But what is surprising is the fact that this EV boom is happening during a global pandemic. Businesses are losing money and people are staying home more often than ever—but this hasn’t had a negative impact on the popularity of electric vehicles.

What are the reasons for the EV sales boom?

There are several reasons to explain the increase in EV registrations. Primarily, the benefits of electronic vehicles are being recognised by individuals, businesses, and Governments worldwide.

Greater environmental awareness

Public environmental awareness has increased dramatically over the past couple years, which has had an undeniable impact on global EV sales. There have been many Government policies to reduce carbon emissions around the world to help them reach climate and energy goals. Marketed as the future of transportation, electric vehicles are recognised as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles—generating zero exhaust emissions.

Better technology

One of the biggest reasons why people are turning towards electric vehicles is the simple fact that they simply offer better technology. There’s nothing quite like driving a whisper-quiet electronic vehicle on an open road. These vehicles offer superior acceleration and power and are a true joy to drive. The option to charge your electric vehicle at home is also a huge part of the appeal, especially during the pandemic, and during a spike in gas prices.

Lower running costs

Electric vehicles are becoming more accessible to the public and will only continue to get more affordable as the second-hand market grows. Electric vehicles are also cheaper to run than traditional vehicles and less maintenance is generally required, which makes a big difference to the overall costs. People are beginning to look past the larger upfront cost of an EV and are seeing them as valuable long-term investments.

What the surge means for EV charging stations

The increase in EV registrations means there is a growing demand for the availability of electric vehicle charging stations. This is great news for business and property owners who host public car charging stations. With more EV holders on the road, car charging stations are receiving more business than ever.

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