5 Advantages of Owning a Smart Charging Network

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Smart EV charging is rapidly increasing in popularity as more consumers make the switch to electric vehicles. Whether it’s a financial, environmental or personal decision to switch, smart charging is reaping the rewards. Smart charging networks ensure EV consumers receive a smooth, secure, and streamlined charging process. Charge Point Operators (CPOs) who provide an easy-to-use and enjoyable charging experience will retain customers and build a reputable brand image while helping people stop the emissions crisis.

Owning a smart charging network is a favourable business decision as smart EV charging is rapidly becoming more valuable to consumers. It’s also a brilliant platform for synergising EV services and is a big reason for its popularity. We take a look at 5 key advantages of owning a smart charging network and break down the benefits they offer for CPOs.

Effortless Station Management

One of the biggest challenges a CPO faces when looking to integrate EV charging stations lies in smoothly implementing the service to their current operations.

Fortunately, Elanga has made it extraordinarily easy for CPO’s to add EV charging services to their business. Station management tools have made it easier than ever to own and operate a smart charging network. Appointing the right station management tools to property managers, facility managers, or the appropriate person for your business, takes away station management’s unnecessary stress.

This is a significant advantage when owning a smart charging network as it allows you to take hold of the benefits while letting go of stressful managing. The advantage of controlling and regulating energy usage through easily manageable station tools is it creates an opportunity for CPOs to focus their attention on building greater investment return in other business areas. If this isn’t enough to convince you to take on a smart charging network, the following four advantages will!

Efficient Energy Saver

Power management features are vital when owning a smart charging network. Whether you’ve got an EV fleet, an EV charger for work, public station, or any EV charging location, you can regulate power thresholds. Regulation helps cover the lack of electrical infrastructure and helps avoid peak demand charging prices and demand overload. Smart charging features the ability to never exceed your energy limit, which can help prevent those costly premiums. Smart charging also balances energy demand dynamically, allowing the network to pause or reduce your energy consumption to ensure you’re not exceeding your limit.

These are prevalent issues with standard charging ports and is why smart charging networks are revolutionising the EV industry.

Ensures Station Occupancy

Owning a smart charging stationis all about customer retention, as the industry is a growing one. You want to ensure you are meeting the targeted occupancy levels at your stations. Determining the price points for EV drivers charging at your stations will influence their decision to return.

So, learning whether to charge customers for power consumption, time spent charging, or fixed fees when beginning charging will impact your network’s profitability. To be confident in your price points, contact us for the best options depending on your industry and region to maximise your profit potential!

Smooth Payment Options

No matter if the EV customer is registered or not with Elanga, they will have an effortless payment options to ensure customer satisfaction. There are various payment methods offered to the customer, including RFID tap and go card, QR code, Elanga customer portal charge section, MasterCard, and Visa. However, the best way to pay is through the app, making the experience as smooth and simple as possible.

Elanga focuses on knowing the EV charge station experience is a seamless one that brings customers back for your benefit. With peace of mind knowing station payment is being handled, CPOs can build a desirable and inimitable experience for EV drivers, thus optimising their return on investment.

Charge More with Less

A significant difference that distinguishes smart charging networks from others is energy management and regulation. Smart charging features power-sharing, which allows you to optimise proportional energy distribution between EV stations. This energy feature means you don’t have a fixed power when charging EVs, as the network balances the load dynamically to maximise energy efficiency and charging time.

Not only that, smart charging saves you energy and money since you would typically have to upgrade your electrical infrastructure to cope with higher energy demands. Smart charging networks are rapidly becoming an industry-leading option for EV owners, resulting in higher demand, which means a greater return for CPOs and no hassle with upgrading costs.

Ready to Own Your Smart Charging Network?

Elanga’s E-mobility management platform allows you to stay connected with us, operate hassle-free and enables your EV customers smooth and straightforward payment facilities through Elanga’s service platform. If you want to learn more, get in touch today!

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