Why You Should Make the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Why You Should Make the Switch to Electric Vehicles - Elanga
The world is moving toward an electric future faster than ever, with innovators like Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Kia bringing the electric vehicle market into the mainstream. That said, many houses don’t have vehicle charging docks, because most people have chosen not to make the transition to EV driving.   With all the benefits driving an electric vehicle offers, it makes sense to make the switch. EVs are not only better for the planet, they’re also better for our wallets, our conscience, and our overall experience. Read on to discover all the potential benefits of making the switch.  

Reduce Your Impact on the Planet

First and foremost, the impact of driving an electric vehicle is—across its entire lifetime—at least three times lower than that of a comparable petrol-driven car. Every time you get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle you can drive with a clear conscience. Pure-electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, meaning that if you recharge at stations sourced from Green energy, your day-to-day drives will contribute no carbon to the atmosphere.  

‘Fuel-Up’ at Home

Owning an EV is the ultimate step up in convenience. If you choose to install an electric vehicle charger for home in your garage, outside your door, or in your carport, you’re essentially attaching a miniature gas station to the side of your house.   There’s no need to pay public charging rates, nor do you need to venture out to fuel your vehicle. Simply plug it in when you come home at night and enjoy driving off with a full charge in the morning!  

Electric Vehicles Run Cheaper

Next on the list is one of the primary reasons that so many people have opted for the EV lifestyle. While the initial cost of your EV purchase will depend on the car you choose, across the board, electric cars are categorically cheaper to charge and maintain.   Keep in mind that the cost of owning an EV will fluctuate from person to person, depending on their mileage, the cost of electricity in their state, and the terrain on which they drive. However, electricity is typically cheaper than petrol, no matter your state.   Not to mention, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars, and aren’t put under the same combustion stress. Therefore there are fewer parts to replace, and repairs are needed less often for EVs than petrol cars. That’s a significant reduction in maintenance costs!  

Quiet, Smooth Drives

Finally, electric vehicles are not powered by combustion (i.e. explosions), and they are often designed with sleek, simple, and clean drives in mind. This lack of combustive power makes for a quieter, smoother drive.   We all recognise the characteristic sound of a Prius driving by; that’s the sound of electricity. No excess growling or grumbling, just a clean engine propelling you along.   With all these benefits, it’s a wonder you’re not driving an electric vehicle already! Head to your local EV seller and give one a test drive to feel the difference.  

Install an electric vehicle charger for home to get the full range of benefits.
Talk to Elanga today about our range of vehicle charging stations for Queensland drivers, each one suited to a different kind of homeowner. Whether you’re a Tesla driver or a Nissan lover, we’ve got a charger that will suit you. Reach out to us today!
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