Smart vs. Standard: Why Smart EV Chargers Are the Future

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Standard EV car charging stations are considered innovations in and of themselves, bringing the convenience of at-home charging to the wider public. However, as all inventions do, the charging station has evolved with the wants and needs of the humans who use them.

Smart EV chargers are now a part of the electric vehicle market, bringing with them a range of capabilities that make maintaining an EV as easy and cost-effective as possible. But how are these new iterations different to their predecessors, and what makes them the future of EV charging?

What is a smart EV charger?

Let’s start by defining what a smart EV charger is, and how it differs from your standard fare.

“Smart Charging means you can intelligently manage how your electric vehicle charges by connecting it to the grid.” – Wallbox, an EV Charger Developer

In other words, your charger connects to both your power grid and your vehicle, allowing data sharing across these connections to optimise your charging experience. Thanks to this clever configuration, you (as the home charging point operator) can manage how much or how little energy to give to the charging process, and consequently prevent strain and power shortages on both your home supply, and your local utility supply.

How do smart EV chargers elevate the future of charging?

Standard EV chargers are very straightforward, using a simple ‘plug and play’ approach to bring your vehicle up to full charge. While this approach is lightyears ahead of replacing heavy batteries every few miles, EV chargers have continued to evolve.

With a smart charger, every time you plug your car in you can use your phone to connect to it via Bluetooth or WiFi. This allows you to configure the charging session to reflect your ideal settings. Use an app to set charging times to off-peak periods, decide how quickly you need to charge, and even receive a notification once your car is fully charged.

Some examples of smart chargers in the Elanga range include:
·       The Home Box Slim
·       The Home Box Mini
·       The ABB Terra 3.7Kw

The Power of Convenience

The ultimate driver for human consumption is undeniably convenience; if it isn’t convenient to use, people don’t want it, because everyone is dealing with enough day-to-day stress as it is. Many products have fallen out of favour because they don’t meet this requirement.

When it comes to charging an electric vehicle, convenience and usability are even more important. Most people rely on their vehicles on a daily basis, and while usage varies from person to person, a lack of transparency around whether a vehicle is ready to drive can cause frustration quickly.

With a smart charger, you take control of fuelling your vehicle. You never need to venture out to a gas station, you’re always sure of how fast your car is charging, and your home or business’ power grid will never feel the threat of overload.

In our estimation, the future of EV chargers will continue to strive for convenience and functionality. With market predictions indicating an increase to 30 million EVs sold annually in 2030, the progression of their corresponding chargers is more important than ever in bringing more of the world into the EV fold.

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