Which Home EV Charger is For You?

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Choosing the right home car charger to suit your needs can be a tough process. There are many kinds to choose from and navigating the unending jargon might not feel worth it. Luckily, here at Elanga we make it our job to know vehicle chargers inside out, so we can help you to choose the right one for your at-home charging needs.   Our collection of home car chargers ranges from basic, get-the-job-done setups through to comprehensive, Bluetooth-enabled beauties. No matter on which end of the spectrum you fall, we have a charger for you. Take a tour through our range of home electric car chargers to see which one suits you!

Keba e-Series 4.6Kw

First, we have the Keba e-Series 4.6Kw charger. This straightforward model is perfect for first-time electric vehicle (EV) owners looking to get their footing. As an entry-level EV charger, this box always gets the job done, providing a reliable method of charging your EV each day.   This AC charger boasts mid-range power with a Type 2 connector, meaning it takes longer to completely recharge a depleted vehicle. That said, as home chargers are typically used overnight, plugging your car in each night will head off any surprise low batteries.   These devices are renowned for their reliability and ease-of-use, so they’re an excellent stepping-stone into the world of more complex charging devices. However, if you’re happy with this model’s capabilities, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for quite some time thanks to its sturdy design.

ABB Terra 3.7Kw

Next up is the ABB Terra 3.7Kw charger. This sports less power than the previous model, coming in at 3.7Kw. For reference, a charger with this amount of power would fully charge a Tesla Model S (battery capacity of 75KWh) in about 20 hours.   The ABB Terra doesn’t use a Type 2 connector like the Keba, rather sporting a socket and shutter style charger. While this is good for versatility (you can charge any car with a standard power socket), this also reduces the charging power of this particular model.   Despite having slightly less power, the Terra makes up for it in functionality. This model offers an Android and iOS-enabled smartphone application that’s completely cloud-based. Even better, the charger is vehicle-to-everything (V2X) ready.   In combination, these characteristics mean you can monitor your car’s status as it charges, choose to charge your car in off-peak electricity times, and even give energy back to the grid as your vehicle stands idle.

Home Box Mini

Third, we have the Home Box Mini. Sporting a Type 2 connector, the Mini can deliver anywhere between 3.7Kw and 22Kw of power when charging (depending on the power phase it’s set up with). At its maximum output level, the three-phase model can take most cars from depleted to fully recharged overnight.   This innovative charger takes functionality to the next level, allowing you to choose the power level and speed with which you recharge your vehicle. Interface with your charger and vehicle during charging sessions thanks to their app-based backend manager. You can even link this to your home’s solar panels (should you have any).

Home Box Slim

Finally, the Home Box Slim sports the same input and output specifications as its Mini predecessor, but with a longer lifespan and more durable design. Designed to be used in both home and public settings, this charger has optional peripheral additions like RFID identification and an integrated energy meter.   In other words, this is the car charger to choose if you’re looking for a more comprehensive charging experience.

Unsure which car charger is right for your home?

If you’re still unclear about which vehicle charging station would be best for you, reach out to the team at Elanga! Our experts are well-acquainted with the entire range and will happily match you with the right charger to make your life easier. Reach out to us today!


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