How Electric Vehicle Chargers are Shaping Smart Cities

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Electric vehicles (EVs)—a trend brought into the mainstream by Tesla—are now a top option for both family and business vehicles alike. Here at Elanga, we’re experts on EVs, and providing installation of EV management platforms, helping to accelerate the progression of smart cities across the country.    

A Sustainable Way to Save Energy

As car use rises, we find ourselves heading toward an energy crisis that will on complicate future challenges further. Thanks to EVs, we can start to turn this trend around, as EV chargers offer a cheaper, more sustainable, and more advanced way to power vehicles. The cost of charging an EV is equivalent to 30c per litre for petrol, if you drive an average of 20 to 30 km per day. And when a green power network connects each EV charging station to fully cover the entire city, you’ll be able to easily access a station.    

The EV Ecosystem

The EV Ecosystem is our way of describing the energy supply chain’s future, and the relationships that will exists between power station, driver, and power company. Artificial intelligence (AI) and drivers themselves will execute the entire process of charging without in-person help, just like how self-checkouts work now. Power plants will deliver power to each electric car charging station to ensure the station’s storage meets local needs, and thousands of EV chargers will be built to allow drivers access them ubiquitously.   If you have a smart car, the AI could automatically estimate the power levels and suggests the load you might need for a daily drive when you plug in the car to charge. You won’t even need to worry about the payment method, because your bank account could be connected to the system when you register at the EV station counter.  

Digitise Your Driving Experience

The EV Ecosystem will be connected to a massive
EV charging management platform to track your vehicle electricity data every time you charge. A charge point operator will be used to connect these two systems, which determines the prices. Besides that, a maintenance overview and a full list of reports will be provided monthly to evaluate vehicle batteries and driving safety. All of these are possible ways that EVs will not only integrate with smart cities in the future but help to develop them sooner.    

Talk to us, and step into the future, today The EV charging station is a remarkable invention that will continue to bridge the past and future of city life. At Elanga, we are the EV charger experts, and we’re excited to be at the front of a new way of living. Want to experience the future now? Contact us, and we can help you get ahead of the curve!


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