Travelling in an Electric Vehicle: Your EV Road Trip Planner

Travelling in an Electric Vehicle: Your EV Road Trip Planner - Elanga

We already know electric vehicles are ideal for city driving, offering suitable mileage to reach your destination. But what about long road trips? We’ve got you covered with our EV road trip planner. If you’re planning to take your electric vehicle out for a spin for your upcoming summer holiday location, here’s what you need to know for a smooth and seamless ride.

Can You Travel city-to-city with an EV?

Let’s discuss the number one concern of EV drivers – the EV range. Most electric vehicles get between 160 to 480 km per charge – enough to get you to your destination. Today’s models can take you as far as any regular car. The Bolt can get an estimated 419 km out of a full charge, while Tesla Model S can get you up to 630 km. But remember, these are just estimates. It’s crucial to factor in the way you drive, not just the numbers. The weather, your diving skills, the location, and your battery use can affect your range.    (converted miles to kms – doesn’t Aus use kms only?)

The Three Tiers of EV Charging

While travelling in a gas-powered vehicle allows you to fill up at a gas station in minutes, powering up EVs in electric car charging stations runs slightly differently. Not all EV chargers are the same; there are three different tiers.

Level 1 is the slowest type of charging and can be done using a regular wall outlet and car adapter. A full charge can take up to 24 hours in Level 1. Level 2 is the most common and is prevalent in public and commercial spaces. Level 2 chargers can get you close to a full charge in 8 hours. A Level 3 or DC fast charger is ideal for a road trip. It can get your battery level to about 80% in 30 to 60 minutes.

Planning is Key

As with all road trips, planning is essential to ensure a seamless ride. Map out your route and look for charging stations along your destination ahead of time. Here are some top tips for travelling in an electric vehicle.

Research EV Charging Stations

Before setting out on your adventure, you must know where the public charging stations are located. Use available apps to map out your mileage in advance. This will reduce the risk of running on empty before finding a charging station. There are apps designed to help you locate chargers along your route. If you have several route options to reach your destination, choose the option with available fast chargers.

Choose Hotels with Charging Stations

You can also opt for a hotel that already has a charging station. This way, you can charge your car overnight while you rest. Research accommodations that offer free charging stations. But remember to pack an adapter to plug in to ensure the car charging system matches the outlet.

Plan Charging Stops with Activities

EV chargers are located near commercial spaces, including malls and restaurants. Consider doing food stops, supply runs, or meal breaks while powering up your EVs to maximise efficiency.

Have a Plan B

As you may already know, travelling with an EV requires extra planning AND a backup plan. If you find yourself low on power and public charging stations are down, you’ll need another charging option. Reach out to someone you know in the area who will let you power up your EV in their garage overnight.

Elanga – Making EV Road Trips Possible

Say goodbye to range anxiety as you enjoy scenic road trips throughout Australia with an EV road trip plan. Elanga offers a selection of public, home, and office car chargers that can fully charge your EVs in less time. Whether you’re planning a long drive cross country or heading out on your work commute, we have smart charging solutions ready to add convenience to your everyday. Get in touch to learn more about our products and services.

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